When it comes to commercial vehicle finance, directors cars or equipment & machinery, Shire Business Group has the solution in Shire Asset Finance.

Working with suppliers and their customers, Shire Asset Finance provides funding for capital equipment without the need for a large cash outlay, preserving other lines of credit such as commercial loans and overdrafts. Our solutions give clients the ability to fund the acquisition of capital equipment in a way and over a period that suits their business.

Tailored Finance

The critical nature of such assets requires a different approach to funding. Shire Asset
Finance understands this, and its team has years of experience in creating the right
package to meet a business’s specific requirements.

Assets Financed

While typical sectors include commercial vehicles, directors cars, construction, printing, materials
handling, waste management and manufacturing, whichever industry or whatever the market focus is, we have the funds and working arrangements in place to formulate a funding solution that delivers.

Solutions Include:

> Hire Purchase
> Leasing
> Refinance

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase will allow you to acquire an asset while paying for it in installments over an agreed timescale – the term. At the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the asset outright. Below you will find a few of the benefits of Hire Purchase:

• Spread the cost - Hire Purchase allows you to pay back over the life of the asset, as opposed to a large upfront cost
• Keep control - You are the owner of the asset for tax purposes and can normally claim capital allowances
• Tax efficient - You can offset your hire purchase interest and charges against pre-tax profits


Leasing will allow you to use the equipment you need without having to buy it outright. The Lease term can be tailored to you cash flow and usage needs. Below you will find a few of the benefits of Leasing:

• Low initial costs - Quickly access the asset your business needs without a heavy upfront investment
• Flexible Repayments & Terms - Both the rental payments and lease periods can be created to match your cash flow
• Tax efficient - Rentals can usually be offset against pre-tax profits


Refinancing is a fast and simple way to realise the value of assets on your existing balance sheet and reuse released value elsewhere within your business. Below you will find a few of the benefits of Refinancing:

• Efficiency - You can continue to use the asset without interuption
• Spread the cost further - We can look at your current agreement and look to extend the term
• Choice - Get cash into your business or alternatively use the money to purchase other assets that may not be available through hire purchase or leasing agreements

Why it will work for you

• It is a flexible product which allows you to free up working capital
• Asset Finance will increase your capital expenditure without affecting your company on day-to-day basis
• You will have stability and protection which you couldn't get with the bank. Your charges and monthly payments are agreed at the beginning of the term, meaning no uncertainty for your business
• Our experts in the industry will help you to find the most suitable agreement for your business